Choosing The Best Colors For Vinyl Window Lettering

Because glass is transparent, you need to be careful when choosing your vinyl lettering colors because darker colors become less visible when placed on glass.

If you have no choice but to use a darker color for your vinyl lettering, we recommend adding a white border around the text to help it contrast with the background.

We also recommend that your vinyl window lettering is applied to the outside of the glass. We can provide reverse cut lettering, so that it can be applied on the inside, but this does decrease the visibility of your lettering, especially if the glass is tinted.

See the color chart below to help you choose the best colors for your next window lettering project.

Good Colors For Vinyl
Window Lettering
Bad Colors For Vinyl
Window Lettering
White Black
Light Gray Gray
Lime Green Dark Gray
Apple Green Green
Aqua Dark Green
Olympic Blue Hunter Green
Lavender Teal
Pink Blue
Hot Pink Cobalt Blue
Red Dark Blue
Beige Purple
Gold Ruby Red
Tan Burgandy
Lemon Yellow Brown
Sunflower Yellow

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