Lawn games have grown to be very popular, I’ve started seeing them pop up in most store nowadays. The only issue is the price tags are typically not very nice, and they have no character!

 I always loved playing Yahtzee growing up with my family, so I decided to make my own custom Yard Dice Set to enjoy outdoors with the family!

Check out how you can make your own by following

the easy step-by-step below!

DIY Yard Dice: Supply

3 Ways to use Vinyl Letters on Your Car

When you’re in the market to modify and customize your vehicle, you may not realize just how many ways Vinyl Letters could be enhancing your car without having to break the bank. Vinyl Letters have taken off in popularity for their ease of use, resilient nature even after years of use and the flexibility to remove them at anytime for easy replacement. Whenever considering Vinyl Letters for your car or vehicle, be mindful of the color of your vehicle and …

Customize Vinyl Letters for Your Car and Truck

With summer right around the corner you can expect the car and truck modifications to be already taking place for some fun in the sun. With so much of the US looking to reinvent themselves this year with the latest trends and customization styles, your vehicle shouldn’t be any different. In 2014 alone, most Americans were spending over a thousand dollars a year on what the Bureau of Labor Statistics defines as “Audio and Video Equipment and Services” Luckily, most …

Cut Costs with Vehicle Lettering

You may be surprised to know that there are over 38 Million home business’ in America and everyday that number increases, as it has for the past decade. As more and more Americans become home business owners they are steadily increasing the pool of potential home marketers. Now, this article is not intended to convince you to start your own home business, but provide you with a powerful tool for marketing from home and within your local community at a …


Is your Artwork Camera Ready?

Cut to the Chase: What’s Camera Ready Artwork?

Simple Answer: Camera Ready Artwork is artwork that helps our designers produce your project on our printers. To achieve this, they require the artwork supplied by the customer to be clean and not blurry in quality.


Extended Answer: Typically when designers receive artwork from customers it’s in a jpeg, png, or other typical image format, these are what we call Raster Formats. These are all perfectly fine formats that …


Apply Your Vinyl Without Bubbles!

When applying vinyl to a surface, it can be frustrating when you discover numerous bubbles across your vinyl. Especially true after you’ve worked so hard to align and place the vinyl perfectly for your application. But, there’s great news- even if you’ve applied the vinyl already, we may be able to help solve your bubbling problem. Let’s get started from the beginning,

01. Cleaning Your Surface

To get started, let’s wash down your surface you’ll be applying your vinyl to. …