Safely remove Vinyl lettering


Tired of the same old lettering on your shop window? Want to remove it and install new decals and fresh lettering? Eventually you’ll have to remove old stuff to make way for new and attractive ads. Guess what! You can do it with a little help from an expert. There are different ways of removing vinyl lettering. Picking the right method usually is highly dependant on the surface the vinyl is being removed from.

If removing vinyl from glass, …

5 Helpful Tips on Applying Vinyl Lettering

Contrary to common perception, you can “stick”, or apply Vinyl lettering on your own. You don’t need to hire a professional. In most cases, the packaging arrives with a set of clear do-it-yourself instructions. These tips are important. If you read and apply them carefully, your vinyl lettering will be up in no time.

Generally, if you order lettering online or even if you purchase it from a brick-and-mortar shop, they come in two or three layers. The layer on …

Applying Reg Numbers

5 Facts Before Choosing Vinyl Lettering for Your Boat Registration

So you have yourself a boat and now you’re looking to apply Vinyl Lettering for your Boat Registration? Well slow down Captain because there’s a few things you need to take into consideration before casting off into the deep blue sea. While some of these may seem obvious they’re incredibly important to the Coast Guard and other Federal Agencies. You should always be sure to check on the most recent laws and regulations for your state to ensure you’re up …


Order Perfect Vinyl lettering That Fits Your Car

When you decide to order Vinyl Lettering for your car you should take a moment to consider what that will mean. Really! Designing something for your vehicle takes a small amount of creativity, but even the most un-creative among us can do it with the right help. So let’s imagine you have a Softball team you really want to support. There are a few things you can immediately consider for your Vinyl Lettering. For instance you may consider using the …


The Science of Static Cling Decals

These days, if you walk past almost any commercial business with a storefront there are good odds you’ll see static cling attached to the windows. Static cling as it turns out, is a remarkable marketing tool for business’ who are looking to keep their messages fresh and relevant to the time of the year, or their business goals. Static cling achieves this through its easy sticking properties that allow the vinyl to be moved or replaced without any strenuous care …


Apply Your Vinyl Without Bubbles!

When applying vinyl to a surface, it can be frustrating when you discover numerous bubbles across your vinyl. Especially true after you’ve worked so hard to align and place the vinyl perfectly for your application. But, there’s great news- even if you’ve applied the vinyl already, we may be able to help solve your bubbling problem. Let’s get started from the beginning,

01. Cleaning Your Surface

To get started, let’s wash down your surface you’ll be applying your vinyl to. …