How Window Lettering Could Get You on OMG! Insider

I think we’ve all desired our 15 minutes of fame at some point and some of us are fairly dedicated to achieving it. If you’re like us and are willing to be a little creative the possibilities are endless. So get out there and don’t let your dreams just be dreams. You’ll find our suggestions below as completely unproven methods that we moderately stand behind. What follows are 4 ways Window Lettering and Graphics could get you onto OMG! Insider.…

Applying Reg Numbers

5 Facts Before Choosing Vinyl Lettering for Your Boat Registration

So you have yourself a boat and now you’re looking to apply Vinyl Lettering for your Boat Registration? Well slow down Captain because there’s a few things you need to take into consideration before casting off into the deep blue sea. While some of these may seem obvious they’re incredibly important to the Coast Guard and other Federal Agencies. You should always be sure to check on the most recent laws and regulations for your state to ensure you’re up …


Order Perfect Vinyl lettering That Fits Your Car

When you decide to order Vinyl Lettering for your car you should take a moment to consider what that will mean. Really! Designing something for your vehicle takes a small amount of creativity, but even the most un-creative among us can do it with the right help. So let’s imagine you have a Softball team you really want to support. There are a few things you can immediately consider for your Vinyl Lettering. For instance you may consider using the …


Vinyl Wrapping Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are upon us and for many of us out there, that means it’s time to get back to crafting. Today we’ll be discussing a problem I’ve seen many crafters stumble with; the trouble with wrapping vinyl onto a curved surface. So buckle up and hang on while we go down the rabbit hole and see what solutions we can find when confronting this crafting problem.

An Ornament of a Problem

Fig A

Let’s lay out the basics first …

Color Blue

The Psychology of Color in Design

Color psychology can play a very important role in your design. Weather you are re-designing your current business signage, or perhaps you are looking to purchase for a creative project. Do not overlook the importance of selecting the best colors to help convey your message to your audience.

Though there are a large number of factors that can influence a customer’s purchase decisions, a great deal is aided by visual clues, the most influential of which being color. Colors shape …