17 Applying Reg Numbers FINAL 2 (0-06-38-14)

2 Ways of Installing Vinyl Letters on Boats

No matter if you’re applying Registration Letters or your Port of Hail, Vinyl Letters are applied in one of two ways- and we can show you how. The great news is, it’s simple! So grab your squeegee, application fluid and measuring tape and let’s get started applying your Vinyl Letters on boats.

17 Applying Reg Numbers FINAL 2 (0-06-38-14)

Measure Twice

The old saying holds true here, measure twice- cut once. Except in this case it’s measure twice- order once. You’ll want to review state laws for …

Color Red

How to Install Window Lettering for your Store

Advertising for your business can mean the difference between food on your table and a can of beans cooked over an open fire and we’re here to help you keep the bacon rolling in. We’ll assume you’ve already ordered Vinyl Window Lettering and you’re ready to get started.

After receiving your Window Lettering for your Store you’ll want to unroll your vinyl and allow it to flatten out. This can be aided by setting something slightly heavier on top of …


5 Steps of Installing Window Lettering for your Home

Installing Window Lettering is simple and with these 5 easy steps we’re going to show you how. You’ll need a few basic tools that include a window (of course) a squeegee, wax pen and application fluid (or soapy water). Read along and in a few minutes you’ll be a pro like the rest of us-

Step 01: Measure Your Window

It may seem simple enough, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. Using a tape measure find …


The Science of Static Cling Decals

These days, if you walk past almost any commercial business with a storefront there are good odds you’ll see static cling attached to the windows. Static cling as it turns out, is a remarkable marketing tool for business’ who are looking to keep their messages fresh and relevant to the time of the year, or their business goals. Static cling achieves this through its easy sticking properties that allow the vinyl to be moved or replaced without any strenuous care …


Apply Your Vinyl Without Bubbles!

When applying vinyl to a surface, it can be frustrating when you discover numerous bubbles across your vinyl. Especially true after you’ve worked so hard to align and place the vinyl perfectly for your application. But, there’s great news- even if you’ve applied the vinyl already, we may be able to help solve your bubbling problem. Let’s get started from the beginning,

01. Cleaning Your Surface

To get started, let’s wash down your surface you’ll be applying your vinyl to. …

incense bottle with vinyl

Make Your Own Incense Burner!

incense bottle with vinyl

With Football season fully upon us I’m sure many household’s with high school boys (or grown men who are still boys at heart) are smelling a bit funky these days. If you’re anything like my old room mate you love incense because of it’s amazing ability to mask even the most toe curling of smells. Though to be fair, I’m pretty sure he was using incense to avoid getting new shoes. He loved those shoes.

Today we’ll be making our …