Window Lettering – Tricks and Tips

If you’re planning on spending your weekend working with Window Lettering for your Home or Business. You may be very interested to know these powerful tricks and tips needed to get the job done. Window Lettering has been a powerful part of American Advertising and home decorating for generations, from storefront signage to cute summer messages.

Know your Lettering

Window Lettering is made from a adhesive vinyl, which will cling tightly to smooth surfaces such as glass. This makes them …


Why we Love Vinyl Letters (and you should too!)

You’d be crazy to not fall in love with Vinyl Letters and if you’re not convinced after this, then you’re just nuts! Vinyl Lettering has become an incredibly easy to use, affordable solution for your home and business needs.


Easy to Maintain

How easy is Vinyl letters to maintain? As easy a few quick swipes of a wet cloth. You can expect your vinyl to last a number of years with just a bit of easy maintenance to clean the …

Window Lettering, An Effective way to Promote a Store

Advertising your business or current promotion can be divided into three main factors: visibility, design and demographic. Each is unique in its approach to promoting your ideas and selling your business, but each is important to the success of the promotion.

Visibility of your Window Lettering

When we concern ourselves with the visibility of your promotional material we’re talking about its placement in the world. This doesn’t necessarily even mean the placement on/in your own store, but could involve being …


Carbon Fiber- Cutting Cost, not Quality

shutterstock_349986689There’s no denying that Carbon Fiber is incredibly sharp on a clean vehicle under bright lights. Which should make it no surprise that it’s one of the best selling speciality vinyls we offer at Lettering on the Cheap.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl is a premium vinyl material, which offers you the best quality for rugged exterior use and harsh UV rays from the sun. The rugged beating premium vinyl can take over a thinner, weaker, standard vinyl is of particular favor …


Is your Artwork Camera Ready?

Cut to the Chase: What’s Camera Ready Artwork?

Simple Answer: Camera Ready Artwork is artwork that helps our designers produce your project on our printers. To achieve this, they require the artwork supplied by the customer to be clean and not blurry in quality.


Extended Answer: Typically when designers receive artwork from customers it’s in a jpeg, png, or other typical image format, these are what we call Raster Formats. These are all perfectly fine formats that …


Spooky Window Decals

window decals of spooky monster

Just in time for my favorite time of the year; Halloween. Every year we throw a Halloween Party and every year we try to do something a little extra to test the waters with our guests. This year, we decided to decorate the front of our house with some creepy halloween themed window decals. In particular, we wanted the light to shine from inside the house to the exterior and illuminate these spooky silhouettes on the windows.

Empty window where window decals will go.

Finding the …