5 Helpful Tips on Applying Vinyl Lettering

Contrary to common perception, you can “stick”, or apply Vinyl lettering on your own. You don’t need to hire a professional. In most cases, the packaging arrives with a set of clear do-it-yourself instructions. These tips are important. If you read and apply them carefully, your vinyl lettering will be up in no time.

Generally, if you order lettering online or even if you purchase it from a brick-and-mortar shop, they come in two or three layers. The layer on top is made of tape, the layer below has the graphics and the last one is made up of paper. Basically, remove the backing paper and then apply the lettering. No need to be nervous, simply follow the tips below and you’ll have a professional installation in no time.


5 Helpful Tips on Sticking Vinyl Letterings

Apply Vinyl Lettering in a Wind Free Environment

Make sure that the surface you are planning to stick the lettering on is at room temperature. If the surface is too cold, chances are the lettering will become brittle and either not stick at all or simply come off. If the wall or surface is too hot then the adhesive becomes very gummy!
To get the best results, make sure the surface temperature is just right.

Make Sure the Surface Is Clean

The surface, wall or glass you plan to stick the lettering on should be completely free of dust, grease, and dirt. You can buy a good solution that helps to sanitize a surface before you can apply adhesive. One of the simplest is alcohol as it cleans well and dries very fast. In case of outdoor applications we suggest you choose a day when the winds are less than 10 mph because wind can easily cover your clean surface with blown dust particles. The simple reason why the surface should be dust free is dirt doesn’t allow adhesive to bond with the surface.

Never apply on a freshly painted surface

If you are planning to install vinyl lettering on a freshly painted outdoor surface, don’t! Ensure that the newly painted wall or glass gets enough time for drying. You must allow fresh paint to dry and settle down for a few weeks before sticking graphics.


Avoid touching the Adhesive Backing

This stands true for vinyl lettering and any other decal. If you accidentally touch the adhesive surface once you have removed the backing paper, chances are you’ll soil the surface with oils from your skin.

Separate instructions for Dry & Wet Application Method

Make sure you know exactly what you are doing with your Vinyl lettering. Read the instructions on the package very carefully. The method for dry application is very different from the one for wet application.

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