Vinyl Letter Stickers- Easy Installation

If you’re looking to make a dramatic splash this summer with vinyl letter stickers, you’re in luck- because installing vinyl letter stickers is incredibly easy and we’re going to prove it with this easy to follow vinyl letter stickers installation guide. In a few easy steps you’ll be well on your way to installing your very own vinyl letter stickers. To get started, you’ll need a few simple tools, but don’t worry- we’ll be going over those too.

Tools for Vinyl Letter Stickers

Getting started with vinyl letter stickers means grabbing tools you may have around the house, or taking a quick stroll down to the hardware store for tools such as a soft squeegee, a hard squeegee and some application fluid that Lettering on the Cheap provides. With these simple tools you’ll already be well on your way to succeeding in your application of Vinyl Letter Stickers, regardless of size.

Step 01: Measure Twice

When it comes to measuring, the old saying comes true- ‘measure twice, order once.’ Well, maybe we’ve updated the old saying, but the truth still stands that by measuring your surface area for the desired size of your vinyl letter stickers. By measuring the area you’d like to place your letters, you’ll also have a better understand of the surface itself. Ideally, you’ll want a smooth glossy surface but you’ll also have time to notice one more detail that comes next.

Step 02: Clean the Surface

Cleaning your surface is incredibly important, you can leave your surface dirty and grungy for the rest of your life- but for the sake of a proper installation, clean the surface prior to installation. This will ensure no grit, goo, dirt, rust, grime or any other slimy nastiness gets between you and your vinyl stickers and will ensure the quality installation goes off without a hitch and remains adhered for years to come.

Step 03: Installation

Really installation can be divided into two different methods, but both are truly shadows of each other. On smaller installations, typically a 2 feet wide or less you can probably get away with simply applying the vinyl in one try. Measure out where you’re looking to apply the vinyl and set it down on the surface. But for larger installs where you may have a friend help you install the vinyl, you’ll probably want to use an installation fluid. This fluid is sprayed onto the surface prior to installation and allows the vinyl to be moved around a bit before adhering. This helps on bigger installations where you may need to take a step back and ensure the vinyl is applied correctly.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

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  1. Hello Chris,

    We got our vynyl letter for our out door sign. I just wanted to ask if there is anything we can use to protect same from sun and rain. We are located in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and our weather is unpredictable, so just wanted to make sure that the sun and rain will not affect the letter’s.

    Thank you, awaiting your response.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hello Maria,

      Happy new year to you as well! All of our vinyl is designed to withstand the elements to a certain degree. However, the best way to protect against the elements is our premium vinyl as these have a special coating to help preserve your vinyl letterings life for 7+ years. Do not be disheartened if you ordered our standard vinyl as it will last up to 5yrs! I hope this helps.


    2. Love the before and after pics, the new space looks wolnfreud! Your idea for the ikea frames was perfect. I like how clean and modern it is, while still being welcoming and useful. i liked the comment about Ryan too, luckily Dan has too many opinions too to keep me in check! Awesome post!

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