Buying vinyl lettering stickers online, vs at Michaels

When buying vinyl lettering stickers from places like Michaels , your options are limited to what they have in stock, limited sizes and colors. Custom designs and colors are not an option when you are purchasing a pre-cut and designed sticker. Quality is also a downfall when purchasing vinyl lettering from a store, most vinyl lettering stickers sold at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby are on a vinyl that after time will begin to peel and it is usually done on a clear contour cut meaning your vinyl lettering is not produced cut to shape. 

These are a few examples of things you would be able to pick up at your local craft store, which is great when you are looking to do small projects that don’t require, custom sizes, personalization, and long lasting product.

micheals vs lotc micheals

When purchasing vinyl lettering stickers online you are able to choose from different vinyl types that best suit your needs and the surface your vinyl will be going on. Having this option extends the life of your vinyl and keeps your project looking great for years to come!

Below are some great examples of ways you can use our Custom Vinyl Lettering tool to create the perfect lettering for your spring projects.


Sometimes the standard color palette just won’t do, so if you are needing a little something extra from your vinyl lettering stickers check to see if other options like Specialty Vinyls are available. For example: Gold Leaf, Ultra Metallic Gold, Ultra Metallic Silver, Wood Grain, Carbon Fiber, Frosted, Chrome, Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Mirror Red, Mirror Blue, and Camo are a few of the textures a lot of companies have to offer that you may not typically find in Michaels. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors that will make your projects fun, unique and pop!


Buying your vinyl online VS craft stores as mentioned above, you will receive individually cut out letters that are pre-masked and ready to apply to any surface. All you will have to do is locate the position you would like your lettering to be displayed, make sure the surface has been prepped correctly by cleaning the surface of any dust particles and peel the backing paper off to adhere the lettering, apply pressure to adhere to the surface, and enjoy your new vinyl lettering stickers.


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