Buying vinyl lettering stickers online, vs at Michaels

When buying vinyl lettering stickers from places like Michaels , your options are limited to what they have in stock, limited sizes and colors. Custom designs and colors are not an option when you are purchasing a pre-cut and designed sticker. Quality is also a downfall when purchasing vinyl lettering from a store, most vinyl lettering stickers sold at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby are on a vinyl that after time will begin to peel and it is usually


Safely remove Vinyl lettering


Tired of the same old lettering on your shop window? Want to remove it and install new decals and fresh lettering? Eventually you’ll have to remove old stuff to make way for new and attractive ads. Guess what! You can do it with a little help from an expert. There are different ways of removing vinyl lettering. Picking the right method usually is highly dependant on the surface the vinyl is being removed from.

If removing vinyl from glass, …

5 Helpful Tips on Applying Vinyl Lettering

Contrary to common perception, you can “stick”, or apply Vinyl lettering on your own. You don’t need to hire a professional. In most cases, the packaging arrives with a set of clear do-it-yourself instructions. These tips are important. If you read and apply them carefully, your vinyl lettering will be up in no time.

Generally, if you order lettering online or even if you purchase it from a brick-and-mortar shop, they come in two or three layers. The layer on …

Installing boat lettering

For all you boat owners out there…once you’ve gotten your boat all clean and shined up, you stand back and admire what your hard work has brought you. You want it to stand out! To look it’s best and stand apart from the rest. A boat is not just a water vehicle; it is one of those inanimate objects that reflect your personality. Most people give them names and have these names painted on the sides. So basically, what we …

Vinyl Letter Stickers- Easy Installation

If you’re looking to make a dramatic splash this summer with vinyl letter stickers, you’re in luck- because installing vinyl letter stickers is incredibly easy and we’re going to prove it with this easy to follow vinyl letter stickers installation guide. In a few easy steps you’ll be well on your way to installing your very own vinyl letter stickers. To get started, you’ll need a few simple tools, but don’t worry- we’ll be going over those too.

Tools for

3 Simple Methods to Remove Boat Letters

Removing Boat Letters may seem like a daunting task- but fear not because Lettering on the Cheap has your back with 3 simple methods to remove your boat letters in just a mere few minutes. We’ll be discussing these simple methods based on the complexity and type of problem you may be facing when removing your boat letters.

For starters, boat letters are typically crafted from a vinyl material. Vinyl material can be developed into a number of different products, …