Custom Picture Frame With Vinyl Lettering

Everyone loves having photos of family, friends and loved ones around! Why not customize your own frame using vinyl lettering. These vinyl letters stick to just about anything, the frame below is made out of wood and they adhere great. This particular project is for a wedding gift, but these custom frames are great for any occasion. Below are steps to installing your vinyl lettering to your blank frame.


Material Needed:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Picture Frame
  • Application Spray
  • Squeegee
  • Custom Vinyl Lettering


Start by cleaning your surface of the frame where you are wanting to place your vinyl lettering.
Make sure to clean off any debris or loose dirt on the frame to cause the vinyl not to adhere correctly.

DJ8A6699 - new
Clean the surface well with achohol


After cleaning decide where you want the vinyl lettering on the frame and make sure you mark the position so when applying the vinyl lettering itself you won’t have any issues.

DJ8A6693 - new

(Optional) Lightly spray frame with application fluid if needed and apply lettering. This gives the vinyl lettering a little more wiggle room incase of any mess ups.

DJ8A6701 - new
Spray application fluid for an easy install

Gently peel off the paper backing from your vinyl lettering.



Once the backing is removed, place your vinyl lettering on your surface.


Carefully with some pressure, squeegee the vinyl onto the frame working from the middle outward.

Allow fluid to dry, squeegee again if necessary


Wait for the fluid to completely dry and slowly remove the clear masking tape.

Once all those steps are complete you will have the perfect frame for a gift or personal use. Be sure to follow the steps in this project to assure you apply your vinyl lettering correctly.




Create your own custom vinyl lettering here!

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